32" Ginrin Hirenaga Platinum Yamasan bred
4 year old female
   18" Sakura Showa
Dainichi bred
2 year old male
   24" Benigoi
(scarlet red and flawless)
Seitaro bred
3 year old female

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 Koi Food

Our most technologically advanced koi diet!
Hikari Food

Saki-Hikari® has been developed as a result of decades of first hand breeding experience and considerable insight from a number of Japan's top professional breeders. Saki-Hikari® is the diet used by the All Japan Koi Show Grand Champion winners in back-to-back shows since 2003. If you want the very best for your koi, look no further than the leader in koi nutrition worldwide, Hikari!

Saki-Hikari® Growth Diet

  • Heightened growth rates due to the perfect nutritional balance.
  • No fat-deposit buildup with long term use.
  • A protein rich, carbohydrate complete nutritional package
  • For jumbo koi that look their best.
  • Contains a source of live (viable) naturally occuring microorganisms.
  • Use in water temperatures above 68°F.

33 LB. bag
plus S&H


 Featured Koi

13" Tancho Sanke
Oya bred
1 year old male

"The Tancho is the official flag of Japan and represents the "RISING SUN". This MAGNIFICENT tategoi(developing koi) Tancho Sanke comes from Oya Nishikigoi farm of Niigata, one of Japan's TOP Sanke breeders. This FEATURED specimen is of show quality with his perfectly round scarlet red maruten(red circle) centered in the middle of his wide head. Being only one year of age, his already large body is rated a perfect "10" in conformation having a wide head, broad shoulders and thick tail joint. This soon to be big boy is completely covered in a blanket of pure snow white silky skin that is highlighted with developing black stepping stones giving the extreme contrast of his fiery red tancho against the complex background. Another day dawning of a fiery red sun rising against the new fallen snow that blankets the mountain side."

18" Kage Showa
Isa bred
1 year old female

Japanese nishikigoi originated in the rice paddy fields during the 1940's. This is where the first large and beautiful champion quality Showa bloodline came from. Isa Koi Farm is located in Niigata and is known for their top-quality champion Showa. Their features include; thick hi(red pattern), wet ink sumi(shellac black) and shiroji(snow white background). As this showa grows, the beauty of his body conformation will bulk and become apparent, his sumi will turn to a wet ink black with highlights of shadow black(Kage) and his hi will thicken to a scarlet red.

Our Spotlight Koi has a very rare MAGNIFICENT pattern symmetrically sectioned in scarlet red, snow white and shellac black highlighted in Kage that blankets his outstanding body conformation. His complexed menware(black markings across his head) and motoguro(black markings at the base of each pectoral fin) are completely balanced in harmony to his modern artistic design. At only one year of age and already 15 inches this future champion will grow to JUMBO status."


18" Kin Kikokuryu
Marusaka bred
2 year old female

"Our Spotlight Koi, Kin Kikokuryu is a very rare find of top All Japan show quality. Her full balanced pattern of metallic butterscotch starts at the tip of her nose and goes all the way back to the beginning of her tail. The high sheen platinum background intersects along the way at critical points creating the beautiful complex art work. The round menware on top of the head, wet black ink cheeks and gill plates, zipper scales along the dorsal ridge, black striping on her dorsal and tailfin along with the symmetrical butterscotch motoguro on each of her pectoral fins completes this master piece. Her body conformation is rated a perfect “10” with her wide head, broad shoulders and thick tail joint. At only two years of age and already 18” in length this big beautiful girl will grow to jumbo status."



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